There are innumerable people who haven’t yet visited Bangladesh but felt its warmth by the virtue of world-class apparel made by the country. Garments with “Made in Bangladesh” tag reach people of all ages in more than 150 countries, essentially providing with their second skin, keeping them warm during winter, comfortable in summer and trendy in autumn. Choose Bangladesh as your sole green and compliant hub for sourcing.

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We are all about designing and defining brands to make a difference.



Our goal is to inspire and unleash the collective genius of our people and our clients. 


How We Work

Over 80k people from all over the world use and love our products, mostly because we provide a unique perspective and creative approach to your company’s vision.

Today, we have a strong focus on developing solutions for creators from a wide range of niches and industries, such as tech startups, artists, designers, writers, web developers, marketers, travellers, photographers, eCommerce retailers, and everyone else in between.

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